About Us

Who is Ellora?

Ellora is born beautiful. 
Her beauty is timeless, transcending cultural and racial boundaries. 
She is sincere, authentic, harmonious. Her inner world is the source of her energy and empowerment. 
There isn't an archetype or a form that is Ellora. She fits no size or dimension and yet feels comfortably complete in her mind, body and spirit...
- ready to take on the world. 
Ellora goes by many names and she loves them all – mother, sister, daughter, lover, a friend, a professional, an adventurer, a healer...
She is quietly confident of herself and she charms with her radiant smile and style.
Ellora is...

science • beauty • sincerity


Ellorabeauty is all about high-performance active skincare that is scientific and highly effective. We are a niche British brand and our mission is to combine state-of-the-art biotech ingredients with the most efficacious botanicals and vitamins - channelling these into high-performance active skincare formulations. Our customers tend to pride themselves on their knowledge of active ingredients, the benefits and the science behind our products and are typically not looking for something that just smells and feels nice. Our products do not contain parabens or mineral oils, are not tested on animals and we package them in recyclable material to play our part in conservation.


Ellora's state-of-the-art skincare products are formulated by our dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced cosmetologists/pharmacologists/chemical scientists with a cumulative experience of more than 50 years in cosmetic formulation. The team holds several formulation patents and have won numerous industry awards. If there is any question that you would like to put forth to our scientific team, please feel free to get in touch on care@ellorabeauty.com.

Ellorabeauty scientific skincare